Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Let me feed you some excreta

Times have changed with newer forms of communication coming in and most of us are now part of some group on Whatsapp. I’m here posting a conversation on one such group where I am usually silent but then one guy had to announce that he had Dengue and the whole group rose up to provide cures. 
DM: Down with Dengue
GD: Take care DM
SL: Take care DM. Get well soon.  How is your platelet count?
DM: Platelets count is healthy @1.8l
SL: That's good news. Take care nevertheless
SS: Use goat milk. Baba ramdev advise
DM: :)                                   
DA: Take care DM they say papaya leaf juice is best to improve the count but it is very bitter
DM: :)
AR: Papaya tender leaves boiled in water is good for platelets...drink lots of water with lemon and sugar
SG: Take care DM. Wish you  a speedy  recovery
UK: Take care of your self DM.. Get well soon
UK: Dengue Prevention/Stop with Dr.Reckeweg's R88 and Eupatorium Perf-200 German Homoeopathic medicine. This is Reckweg series of homeopathic medicine. Can be taken parallel to your treatment..
DM: Thanks friends
SUK: Plz share kare ......kisi ko bhi dengue ya normal fever se platelates kam ho rahe ho to isšŸ‘† homeopathic drops ko 2-2 hrs me 3 to 4 drops plain water mei daal kar de ......2 days only ....platelates down nahi jayengi ......plz share bcz this safe for kids also šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™
SUK: Get Well Soon DM
DM: Thanks SUK
At this point I could take it no more and so I pitched in with my made up bogus cure:
AM: There is a 100% cure for Dengue. Take one teaspoon of cow dung that is 2 days old, stir it into 300ml of cow urine, boil it for 5 mins and leave it in a copper tumbler overnight. Drink it first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth.
I thought people would get the absurdity in such untested belief but no, a conversation began. So I thought I would take it further with more sarcasm hoping they would eventually get it.
DA: AM are you serious or just joking
AM: Serious man. Why will I joke about such an issue?
DA: This probably will taste worse than papaya leaf juice
AM: Not sure about that but it works. There's this Kerala ayurveda doctor who prescribed this to a friend. He was ok in one day
DA: Then you need to publicise this on Facebook and media and write to aap I never heard of this but i know cow urine and dung works wonders i am doing organic farming and they insist only from nati cows it is not the cow but the food it eats  most nati cows only live on grass they dont need bhoosa and supplements which the modern cows are full of
AM: Yes yes.. He was told the dung has to be organic
DA: Ayurveda is much better than western medicine it is a shame that our so called hindu nationalist government is running to invite foreign pharma companies to patent and market their poison in india and not trying to market our rich heritage globally.
AM: You are absolutely right. I hope the fools realise the advancements that were made in our glorious country in the ancient past. Like our prime minister said, we had head transplantation in ancient India.. See Ganesha? We also had aeroplanes. People are fools now believing in so called modern medicine
DA: Now i dont know if your joking about the head transplant but check out this great link from sadguru about the true origin of ganesha -
AM: Sadguru is so knowledgeable.. He knows everything. I've heard him talk about how Rudrakshas are actually tear drops of Lord Shiva. Some fools think it's the seed of a tree

At this point the conversation stopped. I am wondering if they finally got it. I think I have made my point. Every one in this country is a doctor with a ready to hand out alternative cure. The reason I put this up is to show you how easy it is to fool people in India. Any idiot who can talk with a straight face can get people to believe in them and make them do as is told. Just because someone has the ability to make nonsense sound profound, does not make it a fact.

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