Saturday, 10 February 2007

What's the big deal?

Get philosophical, but don't get too philosophical with life. Its not all that complicated. You have managed to reach where you are today despite all the odds against you in going about your business of living, just like billions of others around the world. You did it all by yourself. Collective human intelligence, however, suggests that there is a controller who is calling the shots and keeping things in order. Look around you, there is nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that calls for crediting any divine being.

Slow down for a moment. Do you feel that there is a purpose for your existence? Are you the chosen one? Or are you just caught up in this colossal global confusion, where your innate desire to be that unique molecule in this ocean called humanity, makes you feel like you just have to be special. Its great to have a high level of self worth but don't over do it. There is no special reason for your existence. You, like the rest of us that inhabit this planet, have no divine mission to accomplish.

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him". Buddha was a philosopher and he came up with this a few thousand years ago. He followed the ancient Sankhya school of philosophy; there was no room here for a supernatural being with powers to interfere with life either positively or negatively. Buddha did not believe in any cosmic CEO, he spoke about cause and effect, a balance. I comprehend this balance as an equilibrium that is maintained by thyself with the awareness of the merit of thine actions. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s just your own mind. To truly comprehend this thought, ask yourself this question, 'Is a good deed good because god said its good, or did god say its good, because it is good'? I know, it is sort of like the chicken and egg paradigm.

Why then are a majority of humans still living in this make believe world?'s convenient. We all need guarantees in life. There has to be a result for the actions we do. It would be a waste of time to do anything if there is no kickback. Why be good or do good if you are not going to gain anything? The birth of the concept of the almighty solved this problem. If there is someone who is always watching you, ready to reward you for your good deeds and punish you for the bad, it is worth giving it a shot. The evolution of god was also fool proof, if something undesirable happened then there is a reason behind it which is known only to the almighty. Heads he wins, tails you loose, like what my friend Ghosh points out, 'If you survive an accident its god's grace, and if you die its god's will'. The probability of anything happening now is covered with this thought process, so you can go about your life without having to feel responsible. I call this the 'Divine disclaimer'.

All this probably makes you feel like your presence is futile. Well its not. You need to give meaning to your existence. You need to choose. You are what you think you are. In your minds eye, step out of your body and look at yourself. What do you want this person to become? You have the tools; you just don't know how to use them. If god is acting as a catalyst for you, please continue using it. Ignorance is bliss and it’s very comforting to feel that there is a safety net to break your fall, if and when you slip during your trapeze act. I would rather practice and try to get better at it. I was not born an atheist, I chose to be one. It takes courage to denounce the accepted norms and take charge of your life. I don't say I am all powerful, but I don't believe in the existence of 'god' either. I don't need a crutch to walk this path of life.


Anwin said...

good post

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Hello Adithya!! :) First and foremost- a million thanks for reading all my raves and rants in my blog! :)

I'm a 'chronic optimist'. But I've been going thru a rough patch lately and that's kind of bothering me. Well, I know 'this too shall pass'. But to make it pass, i need to get it outta my system and what better than to blog it? :D

That's the only reason why I blogged it! :)

And well, about this article- it's a really really well-written well analysed one. I totally agree with you on the view that "we chose what we are, what we want to be".

I choose to smile now!! :)


Adithya said...

Thanks :)


Thank you so much for those extravagant words in complementing me. The double 'really' has helped me levitate. It will go a long way in motivating me to continue writing.

Delighted to know you're smiling... keep smiling. As I had mentioned in my first ever comment to you.. I'm waiting to read about you in the papers real soon.


Pa.Vijay said...
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Madhu..... said...

I am writing this from medicalcenter of Plano hospital in Texas, USA. What am i doing here? Confined to bed after a leg surgery, spinal infection and lumbar drain, rehab, therpay and all the crap.
I was aimlessly surfing and stumbled upon ur blog. Very interesting i must say and it really made me think. I hate to create this sympathy wave around me, but truth behold things have been in bad shape around for past few years. But the positive side is i am still alive and i hope my existence of in this earth is gonna be of use to not one but many folks in this life. A faint but developong positive spirit!

I really love these lines you have written below and i only wish it was true! Maybe it is and probably its me who doesnt see the truth in it.
"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him".

I really like your flow of thoughts and to read them was a welcome break as i woke up this morning. Do write more, caus i will defintely follow it as i am gonna be on bed for next 2 weeks and then during rehab for the next couple of months.

What do i do. I am a technical architect in an IT firm and a part time classical dance teacher in Texas.

Adithya said...

@ Madhu - I'm glad my writing has impacted you in a positive way. Sometimes terrible pain and suffering is necessary for us to get liberated form the nonsense we grow up learning. I have had my share of the 'why me' moments, but the good part is that now when things go bad it does not even register as a misfortune. I wish you well and look forward to hearing from you when you have achieved more than what you presently dream of. All the best!

Madhu..... said...


Good to hear from you. I do agree with you, now that so many of the "Why me" moments have already has given a positive approach in life. There was once a time when i used to think.....oh my God, Life is just too perfect ....when am i gonna see a red light! It was a life of fear.
I am not an atheist but i certainly belive in myself more than anything else n this world.
Well thanks for replying, i could write more but my hands are restrained and have been advised to stick to lesser movements. So morelater.