Monday, 9 April 2007

Thank god I’m an atheist!

Another birthday has come and gone and all I know is that I am delighted to be alive. Last year that time was a miserable day, but 365 days later, I’m sprinting. It’s an awesome high that I can hardly explain in words. The way that I live now just has to be classified as being sinful. I am over indulging myself, akin to gorging oneself on chocolates. The only solace is that I’m told chocolate is good for health and needless to say so is sex. Honestly it is. It will keep your heart in good shape and help you live longer. Damn, I’m only being health conscious!

I sat pondering the other day about how I wish to live it happily like there is no tomorrow. Trust me, you only live once and so I have plenty of gorgeous ladies in my life and I am not guilt ridden. Why should, expressing ones passion with multiple partners be considered unnatural or wrong? All other species of living beings don’t find it wrong so why should we be different for the sake of being different?

All this makes one thing really clear to me. I don’t live up to the conventional societal norms of one man one woman for I believe it is a moral binding created for convenience. Am I glad I am an atheist for I am convinced that were I to be a believer in the cosmic watchdog then I would surely be reserved a suite in hotel hell. The good part is that I will not be alone. All my close circle of friends will be there to keep me company, males and females alike. Hell, come to think of it the best of everybody will be around – It’s going to be one big party. Cheers!


Smitha said...

not too sure if i agree.. but does sound interesting..convinvcing actually.. lol

Satya'nveshi said...

Its gonna be a hell'ova party ..
Cheerz to That !!

sanju said...

Good for you Adithya...being a hedonist doesn't suck like the phoney swami+gals!the pain like merriment is exclusive to you in pursuing this.Cheers...expecting more such forthright comments from you in future

Anonymous said...

Good one!