Friday, 14 October 2011

Popular does not mean intelligent

Was on a flight the other day with a very popular actor. I had a bottle of water with me (pet bottle) that I had taken a sip from and closed tight while in flight. After landing in Chennai we all got into the transfer coach that would take us to the airport terminal. Had experienced this before and was excited to see the crushed effect on the bottle I was carrying. Happily I point it out to him presuming he'd revel in the joy with me but he opened his mouth. "Ah, you are implying that we too are getting battered by air travel just like the bottle but since we aren't plastic we cant observe it", said he. Alas, the orgasm of knowledge is so lost on him. Wanted to scream out to him - 'Air Pressure you nitwit! I took a sip of water in flight in an artificially pressurised cabin that was not equal to pressure at sea level so when we landed and the aircraft doors opened the atmospheric pressure crushed the bottle'. I did not however. I had a smile on my face. Tsk Tsk Tsk..


My medley said...

alas...big heroes...and their bigger egos.....all birdbrains!!!

Adithya said...

@My Medley - That was quite a strong expression of detest. Please dont paint with a broad brush .. there are exceptions :)