Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Condescending Bigot

As always a lot of my activity these days happen on social networking sites. I like it better when I can exchange thoughts and have some sort of communication as opposed to a one sided banter. Quite some time was spent on the topic below. I hope it serves well in identifying those who try to fight stupidity with stupidity. It all began with me sharing an article with a comment as follows:

"Check out this s**t head's theory for the hurricane. Not very long ago we had a few Indian fools who blamed earthquakes on cow slaughter. What do we do with nut-cases like these guys?"


MZ: All wackos

SM: You have your facts slightly twisted. The Indian fool was actually a Xtian missionary blaming alleged persecution of Xtists for the Gujarat earthquake of early 2001

SM: There was also another infamous missionary ****head who stated that 9/11 was Yahweh's punishment for homosexuality in America.

Adithya: Slightly twisted? I don't think so SM. Here is one site with details of an Indian fool who was not a Christian - GAUSEWA MISSION

Adithya: And here is one more with details of an other Indian fool who was not a Christian, SM - Cow Slaughtering | : Official website of Vishw Mangala Gou Gram Yatra (VMGGY)

Adithya: I've use a singular 'Indian Fool' for reference but I'm sure it more than one..

SM: Yeah, right. There are fringe crazies everwhere. But, atheists in India find it convenient to exclusively subject poor Hindus only to ridicule. Ridiculing certain others could be injurious to their health!

Adithya: Its nice to have a balanced view don't you think? It is no less injurious to health to ridicule Hindus either. Ask those in Gujarat. But yes you are right.. I find it convenient & I am trying to voice my opinion without getting myself killed by fanatic fools. I was hoping there still are those who can take criticism but must I now be scared of you too? Are you going to kill me because I laugh at you? Notice that the article was in reference to a fool not from Hinduism but then you chose to get defensive. That is not my problem. I just want to highlight the 'fringe crazies' whenever possible so I can ridicule the whole concept of religion irrespective of which one it is. Also I don't have to qualify by criticising the ones you think deserves to be criticised first .. I dont need anyone to think on my behalf from a holier higher platform.

BP: Why are we normal people arguing over a bunch of kukoo-brians who derive pleasure and seek attention with really no-brainer theories like these? Read, laugh, type in $££$^£$^£ and be at peace. The end.

Adithya: Well BP I'm not sure I'd classify SM as normal if he gets so defensive. Had he asked where I got my info from that would have been acceptable and appreciated but he was on a warpath with his suggestion that I have my 'facts slightly twisted'. We share our world with dangerous people who masquerade as normal people .. it important you call their bluff.

BP: I repeat again..'We' normal people....

SU: Adithya Its funny that christians who form the majority in the USA feel that atheists only criticise christianity and not other religions. India has 80% hindus and they feel victimised by atheist criticism. Privilege blindness is something that does not even occur to the majority. Mysteries of the mind?

Adithya: So true SU. Those that belong to the majority religion always highlight that the minority get special privileges and use that as a reason to trample on them. The minorities cannot criticise or avoid criticising the majority for fear of losing these so called privileges so now when atheists point out that both the majority and the minority are just plain drain on the system, the atheist becomes their common enemy. Feel like an Arvind Kejriwal in the midst of the BJP and the Congress.

SU: The reality is atheists are the smallest group anywhere and marginalised by all religions.

SM: You don't need to be scared of me. I'm not some kind of raving lunatic. How did
you conclude that I'm masquerading etc? What happened in Gujarat? Who started it? Do trains catch fire spontaneously & roast their passengers alive?
Just because I'm a Hindu, does that automatically qualify as a fanatic? That is pretty illogical.
I get where atheists come from. I'm a fan of Christopher Hitchens & Richard Dawkins. However, India only has fake atheists, fake communists, fake capitalists, fake socialists - poor imitations of everything like the Dravidian hypocrites who only dare to hit Hindu deities with chappals in public processions. People are absolutely free to ridicule anything & I'm absolutely free to observe their pattern of cowardice, hypocrisy etc. Only wish they could be more balanced in their ridicule and not pick on the weak & tolerant.

SM: One man's meat is another man's poison. We Hindus are the most tolerant people on Earth, yet historically the most victimized also. So, I'm not going to respond anymore to further points & counterpoints in a futile argument. Take care

Adithya: Well you have me fooled SM because you do come across like a raving lunatic when you feel justified to counter religious stupidities of other religions with your own stupid beliefs. Note how you sidestepped your accusation of me having my 'facts slightly twisted' when the bulls**t of one of your own kin was pointed out. Suddenly that alone is a 'fringe crazy' but you have no problem painting others with a broad brush. Have the self respect to stand up and say that you were wrong, that you were unaware that a nutcase from your camp did make the atrocious claim of linking earthquakes to cow slaughter, have the b***s to say you are sorry.

You talk through your backside when you make claims like 'We Hindus are the most tolerant people on Earth, yet historically the most victimized also'. You don't even know history when you use a singular term 'Hindu', a word that was coined very recently in history. The past never had Hindus but worshippers of various gods linked to a Vedic root and is filled with bloodshed between them, especailly the Vaishnavites and Shaivites. Go and educate yourself on the slaughter of people who believed in other religions like Buddhism, by your tolerant and victimized vedic religion people in ancient India. Till you learn dont go around dispensing opinion and keep your mouth shut. People like you just want to create a 'strawman' by painting a common enemy so you can feel justified in indulging in your madness.

No one is qualifying you as a fanatic just because you are a Hindu, but I am accusing you of being a biased fool. This claim of 'I get where atheists come from' is an age old ploy employed by bigots such as you in pretending that you understand the other side when in reality you speak from a paranoid belief that you are threatened. If there is a threat, it is a threat to humanity from people like you who are bent on dividing people based on the accident of your birth. If you were born in a Muslim family or a Christian family you would defend your faith with this same fervour because no intelligence has been used in arriving at why you believe in what you believe.

I wont expect a response from you SM because you will be tongue-tied now. My efforts at typing what I did above will not be futile as it will serve to warn others about the dangers from people like you. Do yourself a favour and use your brains. If you sit and think for just a moment you too would become an atheist because the whole concept of religion is just plain kiddish.

SM: I can respond to each & every one of your points. Except that I have no time to waste on this crap. I don't have to apologize for what some fellow may have said. I've seen it all and enough of the head in the arse faecal matter eating brainwashed Indian secularists. I should known better than to have questioned your crap - your type only expects an uncritical "LIKE" for your BS.

Adithya: Surprise surprise, you come back to want to have the last say. Tsk tsk tsk.. what a condescending prick you turned out to be SM. I pity your venom filled sad existence of a life. For your own good I hope you someday sit back and research what the real truth is instead of parroting what religious bigots want you to believe in and blindly defending a broad group who are equally stupid as the ones you target from the other religions. So I'm a 'head in the arse faecal matter eating BRAINWASHED Indian secularist'. Brainwashed Secularist? Do you even know how absurd you sound? Anyway, be my guest and respond to this if you want to have the last word. I wont attack you any more, you aren't even putting up a decent rebuttal. All the best to you buddy


Macadamia The Nut said...

I've always wondered... is it fools like this who are to blame or their "enablers" who give their verbal absurdity credence by actually believing in these fakesters.

Adithya said...

The comments above are from a parrot (read enabler) who is convinced by the verbal absurdity of some freak out there. It's a cycle I would think.. the parrot now becomes the next in line to bait some more 'enablers'

Macadamia The Nut said...

Me thinks you are insulting parrots but comparing them to... this

Adithya said...

Ah.. well I guess then an apology is in order for that insensitive comparison. Sorry Parrots :)